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Give a greenUP Box to an eco-savvy person in your life. Each box inspires and makes it easy to eliminate plastic waste. High-end products with a personal touch. 


🌱  Each box is curated with 6-9 of the best plastic reducing swaps. Valued at $100+!

🌱  Vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and clean products. Our packing materials are plastic-free, biodegradable, and post-consumer.

🌱  Your order supports U.S. and Canadian small businesses.

🌱  Each product is tested and vetted by our team of green experts.

🌱  Eliminate plastic pollution and global poverty! Each box gives back to non-profits cleaning up plastic waste, and we are committed to fair trade to reduce global poverty.

🌱  Free shipping! See below 




Shipping is free to the contiguous 48 states; $3 for Hawaii, Alaska, and the territories, and $9 to Canada per box.


** Your box may contain items of different colors or scents.