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Natural Air Deodorizing and Purifying Bag

What is this cute little bag and how does it help us reduce plastic? 

This little linen bag is an amazing new way to deodorize and purify the air in your home.   Without plastic, without chemicals, and without fragrances for those sensitive. Did we mention it’s coming in the current box?

The air purifying bag from Hav & Jord contains activated bamboo charcoal and a natural linen cover. Place the bag in the sun for a couple hours to activate the charcoal and it naturally absorbs smells in the home, car, office, wherever you need it.

Activated charcoal absorbs odors, so on a regular basis you need to put it back outside in the sun to recharge. The sun helps the charcoal release what it accumulated and then it’s ready for reuse.   So you can use it over and over again.